Pinacota guests are positioned in the pulsing heart of Athens

Just 2km away from Kolonaki’s alluring shops, museums, galleries and eateries. Discover our elegant suites in the heart of the city -the perfect place to experience all that Athens has to offer.
Our guests benefit from support and undisturbed access to the public transport system  (train, tram, metro, bus, taxi) and may easily get to the destination of their choosing.
Our suites are located right next to the historic Athenian park Pedion Areos , meaning Field of Ares, corresponding to the French Champ de Mars and the ancient Campus Martius , one of the largest public parks in AthensGreece.

It is also the name of the wider neighbourhood.

The park was designed in 1934 and its purpose was to honour the heroes of the Greek Revolution of 1821, 21 of whom are depicted in marble busts standing in the park.

The park is a state-owned public ground, covering an area of 27.7 hectares, and is located about 1 km NE from the Omonoia Square. Today, it is enclosed by the streets Mavromateon, Evelpidon, Pringiponisson and the Alexandras Avenue where Pinacota Suites are located.